Monday, 26 May 2014

2nd Monthly Day in the garden

PSB and Garlic

Planting Peas

Getting ready for the beans

Donation to Mustard Seed Project

Thank you so much for the money. This will be spent on health training as
you wished.

This will make such a difference in Kenya.

If you would like to receive our updates when we are in Kenya (this will
next be in October) just let me know and I shall add the email address to
the circulation list.

Kindest regards,


Mustard Seed Project Kenya

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Out in the garden - 1st Planting

The season waits for no man/woman/child...

We all hear and read that gardening is about planting at the right time and the rest will follow. With that in mind we did not let the weather put us off and get on with planting;
  • early potatoes
  • Onions (red and white
Marcia also did her favorite job Weeding!!

Below are some photos of the day. 

Pear Blossom

New potato experiment

In the ground

That's decided

Preparing the onion beds